April 24, 2024

Essential Factors Considered In Building Inspections

The building or home inspections are a necessary aspect that needs to be ensured for the safety and condition of the building. There are several factors considered in an inspection. However, not many people are aware of these factors. 

You can achieve certain benefits if you get to know these factors thoroughly. It could also help you when you decide to get your home inspected. You can contact MCM duplex Inspection to get started with a home inspection. 

Here are some of the essential factors that would be considered when inspecting your home or building: 

  • Water damage 

It has been observed that almost every home has mold behind its walls that is caused by water damage. Unfortunately, you might have to spend a load of expenses to fix the mold and water damage depending on the severity of the mold. One should consider this factor closely since it could affect the home’s overall value if they are planning to sell or purchase it. 

  • Roofing conditions 

 Most roofs of a house are made up of asphalt shingles. Not many people know this, but a roof made of asphalt shingles needs to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. Metal roofs, on the contrary, could easily last upto 50 or 60 years without replacement. Hence, you must evaluate the roof condition while having a building inspection. 

  • Electrical wiring 

There are high chances that a building or a house may be old. Old buildings and homes cannot power every appliance and device within a place. One must consider the electrical wiring of a building while inspecting it. It could severely affect the overall electricity condition of the tenants or people living in the building. 

  • Infestation frequency 

Sadly, it is likely that a building would have a history of pest infestation. You must check if the house or building was overrun by mice, rats, termites, bats, etc. If the house has a frequent infestation history, you must consult a home inspector or exterminator if necessary. 

  • Security 

The safety and security of the house are vital factors that should be evaluated before purchasing. The alarm systems for protection from potential threats could be installed quickly. However, you cannot change the features concerning security. CCTV cameras only cover a particular area under surveillance. Hence, one should pay close attention to the security of a building while inspecting it. 


Home inspections could be crucial. When you decide to purchase a new house, you must consider the above factors before finalizing and closing the deal. When you want to sell your house, you should have your home inspected by referring to the above factors. It will help you in getting better resale value.