July 17, 2024

Four Common Pest Control Misconceptions that Many Homeowners Believe In

If you are like many homeowners, you may be tired of handling pest invasions. Your unsuccessful attempts at controlling infestations may have occurred as you continue to believe in many pest control myths. Because of this, you probably misunderstood insect behavior or employed ineffective home remedies. By believing in these myths, you may end up wasting money and energy on ineffective pest control methods. To truly protect your family and house from pests, you need to invest in professional Portland Pest Control. Pest control experts offer compressive services to ensure you don’t have to deal with pests again. Also, they can debunk the common misconceptions about pest control including the following:

Pests Only Invade Dirty Houses

A lot of people think that pests only live in unkempt and dirty homes. But even if the cleanest house in the city can be infested with certain pests. Pests are drawn to sources of food and water, shelter, and warmth that most homes can offer. Once pests have access to such resources, they will try to gain access to your house, no matter how clean it is. Also, pests can find their way into your house through small openings such as gaps and cracks. Thus, you should take preventative measures such as sealing access points, keeping your house dry, and storing food properly to prevent unwanted visitors from claiming your house. Although it’s important to practice proper home sanitation, this does not guarantee that rodents and insects will not invade it. To protect your house from pests, invest in routine pest control that targets existing infestations and prevents new infestations from happening.

All Pests Do Not Harm Humans

Some people believe that unless pests bite or sting, they are generally harmless. The truth is that a lot of pests can pose serious health threats to people and pets. For instance, spiders can trigger allergic reactions or be venomous. Likewise, some species of ants deliver painful stings that can result in life-threatening allergies. As a homeowner, you must learn about which pests are poisonous in your area and take steps to keep your loved ones and pets safe. Through professional pest control, you don’t have to worry about pests and the possible harm they can bring. 

You Can Only Find Bedbugs in the Dark

While bed bugs prefer darkness, they can bite you at any time of the day. These bugs are drawn to the carbon dioxide you exhale and your body’s warmth. These pests can live for several months without feeding. Thus, even if you do not find bed bugs during the day, they may just be hiding nearby. Your bed bug control approach should include the use of chemical treatments and measures to eliminate bed bugs.

A Treatment for One Pest Works for All Pests

Some people think that treating a certain kind of pet will get rid of all pests in your house. But the majority of pests require a different approach to effectively control them due to the differences in their biology, preferences, and behavior. For instance, you may be able to eliminate some crawling insects with sprays, this approach may not work for pests that hide in crevices and cracks.