April 24, 2024

Here are the Different Types Of Vinyl Floorings To Choose From

Today, the vinyl floorings have been upgraded in such a way that they look identical to the other expensive flooring options. The options like hardwood, marble, ceramic or stone are extremely expensive and people often want to avoid it. But what is the solution? The vinyl floorings are becoming popular as alternatives for obvious reasons. They are affordable, scratch and water-resistant and durable to be used in the living spaces. You can choose the best finish and can easily maintain them for years to come.

Here’s a look at the different types of vinyl flooring:

The popular types of vinyl flooring include varieties like planks, sheets, peels, and sticks. Everything here can be found in realistic finishes, wood-looks, embossed planks, or ceramic look tiles. Let us understand the types in detail.

Vinyl Plank flooring

This type of vinyl flooring has a foam core, which delivers rigidity and strength. Also, it is extremely easy to install, and can be installed on the existing surfaces like concrete, wood, tile using the click-lock vinyl plank floorings. They add a required warmth to the room by adding comfortable style to the interior spaces. They are also completely waterproof and can absorb sound and shocks too. 

Vinyl Sheet flooring

These are commonly available in rolls which measures about 6 to 12 feet in width.  They have a large series of colors and designs to choose from. Its fiberglass core prevent it from cracking, expanding, curling, or contracting. These are also great for places with high moisture content. These are fixed using an adhesive but the modified ones do not require even that.

Peel and Stick Vinyl flooring

Installing vinyl flooring is more of a DIY project, especially when you want them in smaller rooms. These can be purchased in tiles and planks and have a good adhesive backing. You just need to make precise cuts on it to ensure they are fitting properly. These are cost-effective and moisture-resistant, and can be used in both commercial and residential spaces. They bear low-gloss texture, which makes it easy to maintain and clean them. You have to buy these rolls in the same series, only then you will get the shades that are closest to each other.

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