June 21, 2024


Roof flashing is crucial for roof integrity. It seals seams in your roof, and protects areas that are likely to be exposed to water. Roof flashing diverts water away from roof areas that are vulnerable and redirects it into gutters. The flashing is crucial in preventing leaks. KCG Roofing and Carpentry can help ensure that your roof flashing is properly installed and maintained. We are also available to assist with any other roofing issues.


Roofs can keep the elements from entering your home or workplace. Roofs provide protection for you and your employees. Modern roofs can last for up to 15 years. Every roof is susceptible to leaking. Roof flashing is a great solution.

Joints and penetration are the most vulnerable parts of roofs. What is a joint? It is the area where two slopes meet. Unless your roof is completely rectangular, most homes and businesses have valleys and joints on their roofs. Permeability refers to anything that needs holes in your roof. Vents, skylights and chimneys are all examples of a penetration. There are potential for water to seep through your roof if there are penetrations or joints in it. To stop water from entering, flashing is used in these areas. Roof flashing is made from materials that resist water penetration.


KCG Roofing and Carpentry will help you understand why roof flashing is important.


Another name for a joint is a valley. It is where two slopes meet. Both slopes lead water into the valley, while the valley directs water down the roof. During a storm, this can lead to leakage problems. The valley can become flooded by a gushing stream, which could lead to leakage.

Roof flashing is typically made from long sheets of sheet metal that conform to the valley’s shape. The flashing is then sealed between the shingles on each slope.


Skylights allow sunlight to enter your house or business. However, you don’t want water to get in. A continuous sheet of flashing is placed on either side of each skylight to ensure a tight seal.


The chimney is the area that requires flashing the most. It requires special flashing. It usually consists of three parts: step and apron. Step flashing directs water off the chimney onto the roof. The apron is located below the chimney, while the cricket is placed above it.


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