June 22, 2024

What Cabinet Colors to Try for 2022?

Have you seen people on the internet get confused by what color represents 2022? Most people were so ready for Evergreen Fog, released by Sherwin-Williams. Still, people were torn when Pantone—a world-renowned design and pigment company—released their color for 2022. But the truth is, regardless of whatever color of the year that essential design industry players release, painting your cabinets will do great when you research what color trends to try in doing a project on cabinet refacing in Downey.


So here it goes!


Hues of Blue

 Whether it’s powder blue, periwinkle, or pastel blue, painting your cabinet with these colors will give your space a calm vibe. However, the Veri Peri can be tricky due to the interplay of colors –a purple undertone with grayish blue hints.


Hues of Green

 If you want your kitchen clean and green, go for hues of green. Evergreen fog, teal, or mint colors are suitable for tropical, clean-looking kitchen cabinets. Some homeowners who do cabinet refacing in Laguna Hills choose to match these cabinet colors for their kitchens’ earthy tone or theme. Some who cannot decide on one color settle for two-toned cabinets, and the results are fantastic.


Hues of Gray

 For a sleek and modern kitchen vibe, hues of gray can be used to paint your kitchen cabinets. This color is great for the kitchen cabinets and entire kitchen. It isn’t too bright or light, but it adds drama and elegance that will never go out of fashion.

When paired with neutral colors such as greige (gray and beige), white and metallic appliances, this color creates a contemporary, modern kitchen.


If you are looking for other kitchen cabinet-related tips and ideas, check out this infographic or visit us at Mr. Cabinet Care, and we’ll gladly answer your queries.


What Cabinet Colors to Try for 2022?